jüngerkühn is Konrad Jünger and Verena Kühn and based in Berlin, Germany. Our goal is to create meaningful and practical products you can relate to. We love it when a design feels simple and yet complete, and where nothing more can be done or added. We focus on a single idea in the design process that supports our process as a whole, and we often draw inspiration from different materials and techniques.

On an aesthetic level, we are drawn to two-dimensional, graphic forms and their clean expression, and try to achieve this quality and clarity  in our work. For us, good design is more than a specific idiom or shape – it is also about creating things that add value for the user for a long time.

Konrad studied Industrial Design (BA) and Product Design (MA), Verena studied Industrial Design (BA) and Design Studies (MA).

If you want to get in touch, please write us at mail@juengerkuehn.com, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

We’re happy to have been nominated and/or awarded for some of our projects. They are:

  • Interio Design Contest 2018 Finalist (a-ok chair)
  • Interio Design Contest 2018 Winner Jury Prize (kaskel chair)
  • Cristalplant Design Contest 2019 Winner
  • German Design Graduates 2020 Support Winner 2x (Konrad’s MA project ‘material driven, digitally produced’)