Takeoff is a wall mirror with an integrated tray designed specifically for a lobby to facilitate the small rituals that each of us performs when we leave the house in the morning and return in the evening: where we place our keys and our mobile phone, or look at our own reflection to make sure everything is okay. Takeoff is the winning design of the 2019 Cristalplant x Kristalia Design Contest and has been refined for production to be part of Kristalias 2020 collection. Inspired by an aeroplane window, the mirror is acting as a very personal connection point between home and the outside space. The freeform crystalplant base holds the rounded mirror in a seemingly floating position, making it appear very lightweight while also shielding and anchoring it. Hidden behind the mirror’s surface is a USB hub for charging phones as well as indirect lighting.

Takeoff mirror | Kristalia | 2020