net work

net work is a custom designed software that produces g-code for 3d printing. The generated objects are characterized by a meshlike structure that is achieved through non-planar printing – meaning the 3d printed filament is not built up layerwise but also directly upright. Similar to the process of basket-weaving, the objects are created by alternating between freestanding vertical strands of filament and horizontally extruded connection layers. Apart from the distinctive cloudlike aesthetic, this way of production only needs a minimal amount of material and thereby renders the finished products super lightweight. The set consists of a side table and a bowl that can be printed at home on conventional 3d printers. This way, the end users not only become the producers themselves, but also get to customize the product according to their needs – choosing a prefered material, finish and color. To allow for this flexibility, the software includes a generator to adjust the g-code/ printing settings for the used printer model, material and filament type. In order to be fit for a wide range of at-home-printers, the side table can be split into two seperate pieces and easily assembled after printing.

3d print | 2021